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Guest Rider
Anyone, who would like to attend an event as a "Guest Rider" to get an idea of who we are and what we do, is welcome to do so.   Please contact us prior to the event so that we can plan accordingly.

Please fill out the new member application (see the button above) and bring your emergency contact information with you. In addition, if you plan to ride your motorcycle with us on the course, please present a copy of proof of current motorcycle liability insurance and a copy of your driver's license displaying a motorcycle endorsement for our records.

We are an active motorcycle group delivering our emergency medical services and communications utilizing the unique mobility and flexibility of motorcycles when applicable. We service both mobile and fixed base or standby events. However, fixed base and standby events are secondary to doing mobile events involving the use of motorcycles.

We provide education, Emergency Medical Services using state certified medics and communications services via FCC licensed Amateur Radio Operators, for community events sponsored by both non-profit and for-profit organizations.

It helps (but is not required) if you:

  • own, ride, or have a motorcycle license. However, MSET's mission focuses on supporting our community with our services using motorcycles when appropriate. MSET does not judge the worthiness of its member by whether they do or do not ride and or own a motorcycle.
  • are a Texas State Certified Medic. All members must successfully complete proficiency and maintain currency in a provider type CPR with AED Basic Life Support (BLS) approved program.
  • are a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Licensed Amateur Radio Operator (Ham), or own ham equipment. The majority of our communications is conducted using amateur radio which is regulated by the FCC. We encourage members to acquire a minimum level amateur radio operator license so they may effectively communicate with other members during our events.

MSET is a Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) registered First Responder Organization (FRO). Our medical members are state certified and have Medical Direction under Dr. Mark Ackrell. Dr. Ackrell is also an associate director with the Austin/Travis County Office of Medical Director.

MSET communications members are FCC licensed Amateur Radio Operators and have two primary roles. One is to provide net control or dispatch services for our medical operations and event partners. The other is to provide communications support to our partners that not authorized to operate amateur radio equipment and member who have not yet obtained their FCC amateur radio operator license.

MSET members are expected to be available and actively volunteer their time, on behalf of MSET, to deliver our services. If you have a genuine desire to be part of an organization to volunteer your time and talents in supporting your community with our type of services, then MSET may be for you.

Motorcycle Special Events Team of Texas
P. O. Box 40452
Austin, TX 78704